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When it comes to the Indian bride we are having the wide range of jewellery ornaments for enhance and glorifying the beauty of bride. In every Indian wedding from head to toe brides are having the different types of jewels and ornaments as per there dress. Maangteeka/maatha paati is the hairline elaborate jewellery for your forehead and is most important in Indian wedding.

 MaangTeeka: Maang teeka or mattha paathi is the most vital ornament in the Indian wedding for bride We are having the best collection of maang teeka in beads, pearls, gold, diamond stings, meenakaari, mughal  jostu, kundaan ,borla, stone ,ruby, emerald ,sapphires and many more. With the different shapes sizes and the design in budget friendly cost.

Why to go for Us: We are having the best collection of the wedding jewellery in the budget friendly cost and the latest trend. From garment to jewellery within the budget friendly cost the best prices with the grantee of purity and the doorstep delivery.

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